Alan Lobdell

I continue to see a lot of interest in Alan Lobdell's campaign for King County Executive.  Alan's website is here: We encourage everyone to visit the site, donate, volunteer and vote.

Another Public Employee Union Pension Scam

The Seattle Times draws attention to another public employee pension scam, where Seattle firefighters are going out on disability retirement: "More than 88 percent of the Seattle Fire retirees in the LEOFF-1 system are on disability retirement, according to an Associated Press analysis of pension records as part of a two-year investigation. That disability rate …

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Pension High Jinks In Renton – And Other Places

Last Sunday, the Seattle Times had another story about public employee pensions in Washington state.  This time, it involved Renton.  Apparently, many senior public employees are paid a pension based only on their salary for the last year worked.  This causes cities, who want to encourage high paid employees - who are presumably not deemed …

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State Pension Woes

For those who - like me - believe that public sector pensions are at the root of most state and city problems should take a look at this article in last Sunday's Seattle Times.  The brains in Olympia think that Washington's pension plans are fully funded; some experts disagree. Here is a rather alarming sample:  "Biggs, …

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Public Sector Unions And Local Politics

I recently came across a web site which promises to be an interesting source of information on public employee unios, and the threat they represent: Here is a post which particularly caught my eye: Public Sector Unions vs. Local Politics By Lewis Andrews On January 2, 2013  · Leave a Comment It is no …

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State Budget, 2013 to 2015

The state budget forecast for 2013 to 2015, has been released; the main points are summed up by this piece from the Washington Policy Center.  The state is currently looking at a budget deficit of $900M.  Why is this?  Too much spending on roads and bridges?  Too much being spent on the needy?  Huge sums …

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Does Your Job Carry A Big Pension?

Washington State employees pretty much all get one. The Washington Policy Center shows here the various state pension plans, along with the average pension amount and the number of  retirees in each.  The big ones are PERS 1 which pays almost $2,000 per month to each retiree; TRS 1 which pays over $2,000 to each retiree (teachers), …

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