Jay Inslee, Tax Cutter Extraordinaire

I see that Washington State lawmakers have passed a tax incentive package to try and entice Boeing to build the 777-X in Everett. http://atwonline.com/airframes/washington-state-lawmakers-approve-777x-tax-incentive-package Isn't it remarkable how the Democrats can understand the need to cut taxes when there are thousands of well-paid union jobs at stake?


McKenna And Insley, Final Debate

On Tuesday I watched the final Washington gubernatorial debate between Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee.  It followed the same pattern as the previous ones: McKenna sharp, informed and prepared; Inslee completely unaware of the issues, and apparently uncomprehending.  If Inslee is elected, it will show a genuine perversity on the part of Washington voters; McKenna …

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Ryan And Biden; McKenna And Inslee

Don't forget that on Thursday, October 11th vice presidential candidates Paul Ryan (R) and Joe Biden (D) debate at 6:00 on Fox News.  While opinions differ as to the effect that this debate will have on the presidential race, it should be well worth a look.  It pits one of the sharpest minds in American …

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Perhaps He wants To Be An Architect

I continue to be flummoxed by Jay Inslee's TV ads in his campaign to be governor of Washington state.  Jay seems determined to demonstrate that he has no idea what the governor does, and that he has no credentials for the job.  He keeps hammering home the fact that he voted against both the Iraq …

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