Some Obama Background

There has been much criticism from conservatives that the media did no due diligence on Barack Obama leading up to the 2008 election.  Or since.  Perhaps that is just beginning to change; hereis an instructive article by Howard Kurtz on Obama's membership in the socialist New Party, as recently as 1996. But of course, he isn't a …

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Hudgins Gets An Award – But What For?

According to the Renton Reporter, 11th District representative Hudgins received an award from Washington Conservation Voters.  Reading the blurb, , its not immediately apparent what the award was for, other than something trivial.  This environmental group must think Hudgins' re-election bid is in trouble.  Could that be because Hudgins gave the finger to the 11th …

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Yay, Wisconsin

In the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election - described as the second most important election of 2012 - common sense has triumphed over union thuggery.  In a heavy turnout, the voters overwhelmingly gave governor Scott Walker the chance to continue his outstanding work. We can only hope that Washington voters will show the same perceptiveness later this …

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