Woodrow Wilson And Postal Segregation

If you have ever wondered why black Americans tend to vote Democrat, when it was the Republican party which ended slavery, here is a link you may find interesting.  It describes how blacks were persuaded by President Woodrow Wilson to change their traditional support of Republicans; and he went on to segregate the postal service. "During Woodrow Wilson’s …

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Us And Them On The State Budget

There's a worthwhile article in the Times on the Republican and Democrat proposals for the state budget. "The GOP plan — which does not raise any taxes, but shifts money around to pay for the increases it does make — calls for rejecting the state-worker contracts as negotiated or arbitrated last year. Instead, Republicans set …

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I-1366 On The Way

Jaw-dropping $13 billion tax package passed by House Democrats Washington Legislature News by Tim Eyman, 12:26 PM <!--This is what happens in Olympia without the 2/3 protection: HB 2224, titled AN ACT Relating to investing in education and essential public services by modifying and improving the fairness of Washington's excise tax system by enacting an …

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