The Elbert Guillory Ad

Elbert Guillory, a Republican state senator from Louisiana appears in a provocative political ad for the North Carolina senate race.  In it he makes some interesting comments about Democrats and black people. Link here:


Passing Initiative 1351 Would Be Grossly Irresponsible

The McCleary decision of 2012 has forced Washington state to dramatically increase education funding at the expense of other budget priorities. According to the non-partisan Washington Policy Center: "In the 2013 Legislative Session, the legislature cited the McCleary decision as the reason for reprioritizing spending on K-12 schools over other budget demands. The 2013 legislature …

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Doug Basler Or Adam Smith?

Barack Obama's comment: "Make no mistake, my policies are on the ballot this fall" has been widely reported.  There is a video here: So we may be sure the president is confident that 9th Congressional District representative Adam Smith will slavishly support his big government, high tax, suppress individual liberty policies. It is also true …

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Our November Election Recommendations

US Rep District 7               Craig Keller District 8               Dave Reichert District 9               Doug Basler   State Rep District 11            Pos 2     Sarah Sanoy-Wright District 37            Pos 1     Daniel Bretzke District 41            Pos 1     Bill Stinson District 47            Pos 1     Mark Hargrove Pos 2     Barry Knowles   State Senate District 47            Joe Fain Supreme Court Pos …

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All We Need To Know About Initiative 594

Here is all we need to know about Initiative 594, on the November ballot. There is no presidential election this year.  Washington has no elections this year for governor or US Senate. Yet the left needs to motivate the base to turnout and vote. Hence, Initiative 594! Oh, and one more thing we should all …

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