Initiatives 591 and 594

Phil Watson from the Second Amendment Foundation and the Yes On 591 Campaign addressed our August meeting.  Here are my notes from Phil's presentation. Initiative 594 is a gun control initiative, which will take away both gun and privacy rights; it attacks the wrong people.  594 is an unfunded mandate; there is no indication of …

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August Meeting

The August meeting will be on Tuesday, the 19th.  Location is Fire Station #14, 1900 Lind Ave SW.  Doors open at 6:30 for social, and business starts at 7:00. The guest speaker will be Phil Watson from the Second Amendment Foundation, who will address the firearms initiatives on the upcoming November ballot. As always, all Republicans, …

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This Is Why Republicans Demand Smaller Government

Fox has a piece which illuminates well the cesspool that is big government. "The Obama administration failed to properly account for how it spent nearly $619 billion, according to a watchdog audit of the main federal website meant to track where taxpayer money is going." Read the rest here: