Rich States, Poor States

Here is an extremely interesting link: a map of the states showing which have the policies to ensure prosperity, and which don't.  Its pretty much the case that the further left a state is, the worse they do economically.  Who knew?  Clicking on Washington shows us to be number 36.  Idaho is number 7; Utah …

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Socialists Struggling In Seattle?

This article in the Seattle Times caught my eye; in particular, the very low number of adherents they are claiming. But then, the question has to be asked: why does anyone need socialists when they have the Democrats?

December Meeting

Tuesday, December 17th will be our next monthly meeting.   The meeting will be at Fire Station 14,  1900 Lind Ave SW  Renton, WA 6:30 pm. Lori Sotelo, chair of King County Republicans, is scheduled to be our guest speaker. Please join us for a social time from 6:30, business starts at 7:00 pm. As always, …

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