November Meeting

Next Tuesday (19th) will be our monthly meeting.   The meeting will be at Fire Station 14,  1900 Lind Ave SW  Renton, WA 6:30 pm.  Dan Satterberg King County Prosecutor is scheduled to be our guest speaker. Please join us for a social time from 6:30, business starts at 7:00 pm.  


Jay Inslee, Tax Cutter Extraordinaire

I see that Washington State lawmakers have passed a tax incentive package to try and entice Boeing to build the 777-X in Everett. Isn't it remarkable how the Democrats can understand the need to cut taxes when there are thousands of well-paid union jobs at stake?

Let’s Listen More To The Hard Left

I see the idiot wife of lunatic Seattle mayor Mike McGinn was arrested for demanding too vehemently that Republicans listen to her policy advice. Is there no end to the insolence of these people?

Support Charter Amendment 19

Seattle's Charter Amendment 19 would replace the current system of at-large elections for all nine city councilors with seven being elected by district, and only two at large.  Here is a piece from the Washington Policy Center. This would be a good step in the right direction; I would love to see something similar …

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