A Boss Beloved By Labor Unions? How Unusual!

In a capitalist society, it is commonplace for bosses and unions to be at loggerheads.  We all know this and its something that has always been accepted as the way things should be.  That being the case, I always get a wry chuckle when I see organized labor lining up to endorse Democrat elected officials.  …

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Some More Primary Reccommendations

Tom Albro Port of Seattle Commissioner   Position No. 4 Pete Lewis Port   of Seattle Commissioner   Position No. 1 Pete von Reichbauer King County Council   District No. 7 Reagan Dunn King County Council   District No. 9 Kathy Lambert King   County Council   District No. 3 Jim Berrios City of Kent …

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Is Andrew Pilloud A Republican?

Numerous people have arrived at this site by asking the question in the title.  Looking at Andrew's web page for some answers, I learned this: "Hi, I'm Andrew Pilloud. I am a Washington native, and I've lived in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle for the last two years. I am actively involved in grassroots politics, …

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Andrew Pilloud And Port Of Seattle Elections

This year's Port of Seattle elections might have more than the usual interest.  That's because of the imminent opening of a major expansion to the Panama Canal, which could have a very significant impact on jobs at West Coast ports, including Seattle. "For the first time since its completion a century ago, the Panama Canal …

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Crowder On Detroit

We've taken a number of shots on here about the city of Detroit, and the problems it has encountered creating a Democratic-party utopia.  Here is a short video on the subject, which says it far better than we could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=l4ZQooPHHAA&list=UUPLAYER_StevenCrowder

Alan Lobdell

I continue to see a lot of interest in Alan Lobdell's campaign for King County Executive.  Alan's website is here: http://alanlobdell.org/ We encourage everyone to visit the site, donate, volunteer and vote.

Are Seattle Voters Stupid?

Or do they just vote that way? Back in November, 2009 Mike McGinn and some other long-forgotten guy had made it through the top-two primary to contest Seattle's mayoral election.  The single plank of McGinn's platform had been his opposition to Seattle's proposed deep-bore tunnel.  Since the Seattle city council had already made known that the …

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Learn About Initiative 522

Initiative 522 seeks to control the labelling on packages of genetically-modified food.  It does not sound like a partisan issue, but if passed its impact on Washington could be severe.  The "No" vote seems like a natural position for Republicans. http://factsabout522.com/?utm_term=I-522&utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=WAI522

Stuart Avery For Renton City Council

Stuart Avery is a candidate for Renton City Council, and spoke to our most recent PCO meeting.  Stuart was one of the forces behind the successful movement to keep the downtown library in its present location. Since the City elections are non-partisan, Stuart is not seeking our endorsement, and this remains a personal endorsement only.  …

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Meeting Reminder

The July District 11 Meeting will be on Tuesday July 16 , 2013.  Meet and greet begins at 6:30 PM, and business at 7:00.  Several candidates for local office are expected to feature as speakers. The venue will be at Renton Fire Station # 14.   Address is : 1900 Lind Ave S W, Renton WA …

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