May 21st Meeting Location Change

Due to some technical and scheduling issues, there is a late change to the location for this month's meeting: we will meet at Renton Fire Station # 14 (not Station 13).   Address is : 1900 Lind Ave S W, Renton WA . As always, all Republicans are welcome.

The IRS Helps Out Where It Can

During last year's presidential election campaign, the IRS helped out the glorious leader by targeting conservative groups: "Reaction was swift and harsh after Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups, acknowledged the issue at a conference Friday sponsored by the American Bar Association. She confirmed that organizations were singled out because …

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Tech Activist 2013 2013 is a center-right conference featuring more than 20 hands-on workshops designed for tech professionals, grassroots activists, candidates, and political pros. Spend one day learning, listening, engaging, influencing, and building the next wave of political and technological change, and meet like-minded people who share your interests. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: JOIN THE CONVERSATION: …

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A Glorious Day For A Riot

The Democrats had a beautiful day for their annual May Day riots in Seattle.  For most of the day it appeared that the Dems were trying to get their ideas across without destroying peoples' property, and convert us to their way of thinking without threats of violence.  But alas!  It couldn't last, and the left's …

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