Stratfor On The Crisis Of The Middle Class

Stratfor  is a non-partisan intelligence provider.  They recently published an excellent piece by George Friedman on The Crisis Of The American Middle Class.  Its well worth taking a few minutes to read: "Last week I wrote about the crisis of unemployment in Europe. I  received a great deal of feedback, with Europeans agreeing that this is the …

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Jay Nordlinger On Mitt Romney

The always excellent Jay Nordlinger had a piece in National Review Online about Mitt Romney, and how he was a much better candidaqte than many gave him credit for. "So, what did Romney offer the “middle class”? I’ll tell you what: He offered to avert financial collapse. To do something about the debt and the …

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Public Sector Unions And Local Politics

I recently came across a web site which promises to be an interesting source of information on public employee unios, and the threat they represent: Here is a post which particularly caught my eye: Public Sector Unions vs. Local Politics By Lewis Andrews On January 2, 2013  · Leave a Comment It is no …

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