Media Bias And The Middle East

Here is an excellent article about how media bias is playing in Obama's current Middle-East fiasco.  Its well worth a read.


Netanyahu Has Had It With Obama

It appears that Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is tired of Obama's vacillating over Iranian nukes, and is appealing to American voters to do the right thing.  Way to go!  

11th District Republicans

I was driving along a day or two ago, when I saw a Jay Inslee bumper sticker.  Inslee is running for governor of Washington, and it looks as though his campaign slogan is “Building a Working Washington”.

Now, the last Republican governor of Washington was John Spellman.  He left office in January, 1985.  So, we’ve had seven terms of Democrat governors, covering almost 28 years.  If Washington isn’t working, as Inslee asserts and most of us would agree, I don’t see that electing another Democrat governor is likely to help.

Inslee is certainly a dolt, as he showed in his first debate against Rob McKenna.  But I would think even Jay would realize his position – even though quite correct – does not pay much respect to Democrat governors.

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Why Advertise Union Endorsement?

Speaking of labor union zombies, I noticed during the recent primary campaign that a number of Democrat candidates advertised on their yard signs that they were endorsed by labor unions; the police for example, or the firefighters.  In one laughable case, a candidate even advertised she was endorsed by Boeing machinists. Its important to note that …

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