Why Isn’t Washington Working, Jay?

I was driving along a day or two ago, when I saw a Jay Inslee bumper sticker.  Inslee is running for governor of Washington, and it looks as though his campaign slogan is "Building a Working Washington". Now, the last Republican governor of Washington was John Spellman.  He left office in January, 1985.  So, we've …

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Undercounting Unemployment

We're all familiar with the news stories in the mainstream media ooohing and aaahing over whether the unemployment rate will - please! please! please! - drop below 8%.  The July number was 8.3%; this compares with 7.8% in January, 2009 when Obama became president.  So, Obama's laserlike focus on jobs has brought us significantly increased unemployment.  …

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The Democratic Party Fascists Take Over

A worthwhile piece from Ben Shapiro on the Chick-fil -A idiocy, Let's say that you own a business. And let's say that as a person of faith, you decide to use the profits from that business to support, at least in some small part, traditional marriage. Now let's say that your political opponents find your …

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