Don’t Elect Stephanie Bowman Or Rob Holland

In addition to Bobby Virk and Steve Bergquist discussed earlier, there are two additional Democrats running for the state House of Representatives, Position2: Stephanie Bowman and Rob Holland.  Bowman appears to be pretty much a me-too Democrat; she favors spending money on education and women's health.  That's pretty much it.  Rob Holland's web site states that he is a Port …

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Steve Bergquist: Everything But Fiscal Responsibility

Steve Bergquist is running as a Democrat for the state House from the 11th District.  As a Democrat, Bergquist looks like a much better candidate than the slavishly pro-union Bobby "Von't" Virk.  Bergquist's web site mentions his support for community, education and job creation.  But there is no mention whatsoever of any thought about Washington's …

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Bobby Von’t Virk

I've been noticing signs in the neighborhood in support of Bobby Virk, who is running as a Democrat for the state house from the 11th District.  I assumed Virk would be just another one of the organized labor sock puppets that the 11th District Democrats always run out - like Hasegawa and Hudgins - so …

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Would You Vote For Barry Hartpence?

Anybody who remembers much about the 1988 presidential campaign will remember Gary Hart, one of the Democrat frontrunners, and his dalliance with Donna Rice aboard the Monkey Business.  For some reason, I've always more clearly remembered another incident involving Hart.  It seems that some hack with nothing to do found out that Hart had actually …

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Preserve Marriage Event

Preserve Marriage Event: Speakers will be on hand to discuss the upcoming strategy for defining marriage as between a man and a woman at a potluck at the Trinity Baptist Church 18652 116th Avenue E., Renton. Meeting begins on July 14th from 5:30 to 7:30. Potluck includes drinks and desserts and people are encouraged to …

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Last summer the media was all over the Occupy movement.  It was seen, somehow, as a Good Thing; not like the Tea Party which is, unquestionably, a Bad Thing.  Because, you see, the Occupy movement represented the 99%, not just rich white people who don't want to pay taxes. But did the occupiers really represent …

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11th District Endorsements

Dave Reichert, US Representative 8th Cong. Dist., Jim Postma, US Representative, 9th Cong. Dist., Rob McKenna, Governor, Kristin Thompson, 11th District State Senator, Sarah Sanoy-Wright, 11th District Representative, Steve Strachan, King County Sheriff