Yes, But Is He Qualified?

Recently, there seems to be some hand-wringing in the mainstream media about whether Mitt Romney’s time as head of Bain Capital qualifies him to be a community organizer.  I would argue that Bain Capital was most assuredly a community; probably one that required a good bit of organizing.  The state of Massachusets is indubitably a community; and from what I’ve heard it requires a lot of organizing.  The winter olympics in Salt Lake City were sort of a community.  And when Mitt arrived, it was definitely in need of some organizing.

So, Romney has been a community organizer.

Now, could he stand toe to toe with Barack Obama, look him squarely in the ears, and say “I’ve done as much community organizing as you”?  Well, that might be a stretch.  But it might also be a good thing.  If community organizing is the measure of a chief executive, I say we’ve seen our fill of that.


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