Personality And Politics

After years of watching political types, an observation occurred to me: people who are extroverts are more likely to be Democrats; people who are introverts are more likely to be Republicans.  This is not the result of any scientific study; simply something that seems to be.  An example of this tendency in action could be why the entertainment industry is heavily Democrat: extrovert types are more likely to think of themselves as entertainers.

This is an amusing possibility to contemplate, but does it have any effect on politics?  It would certainly seem that extrovert/Democrats would be drawn to campaigning, in a way that introverts/Republicans aren’t.  It may be why our current president always seems to be in campaign mode: he’s an extrovert, and its what he likes to do.

So it may be that Democrats and Republicans have a different style, based on personality; but does personality change the way they do their job? I did some desultory searching on the web, and came up with this beauty.  It says in part: “Extroverts aren’t necessarily unintelligent or uncaring but tend to speak or act before putting much thought into what they do; not entirely realizing the lasting effects of their decisions.”

“…not entirely realizing the lasting effects of their decisions.”  Is this why we had the Great Society?  The minimum wage?  Public employee unions?  Perhaps the lesson is that extroverts should join the local theater group, and stay away from politics.


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